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29-Dec-2017 23:05

This year, I'm adding a new project to the list.

It's the #52stories project sponsored by Family Search, whom I happen to write for.

If another story is more inspiring to you, share THAT memory instead. And if you want to answer a November question in January, go ahead. The questions in this project are arranged by theme, not by date order.

This is your project, and you get to make the rules. The stories you tell will be random, pulled from many different periods of your life. This is just a collection of stories, not your comprehensive life story. You don't have to answer each question with a paragraph-style response.

In the end, I'm sure some of these stories will spark more in-depth memories that I may want to write about in another venue, such as another of my journals, an article for Family Search, or a story I upload to my profile on Family Tree (so it can be found by future generations of my family). Remember there are immediate personal benefits that come from journaling.

Take this chance to Harvard professor Shawn Achor cites research that shows how “explanatory style—how we choose to explain the nature of past events—has a crucial impact on our happiness and future success. while those with a pessimistic explanatory style see these events as more global and permanent.

There's my main chronological journal, where I record major life events along with insights, inspiration, life lessons, spiritual impressions and more.

I also try to keep up with my 5-year question a day journal, which will wrap up at the end of March.

If I put too much pressure on myself to compose perfect sentences, write brilliant life-changing stories, and never misspell anything or cross out a word, I'll never stick with the project.

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I'm just going to do it, reminding myself that a memory recorded imperfectly is far better than a memory not recorded at all.

After all, this isn't my comprehensive life story.

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