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[0043] Other compounds (formulas II-VI) and compositions useful in the practice of the subject invention may be found in flie teachings of U. BNSOOCID: wo 02/43731 PCT/US(H/44923 13 [0044] These compounds include those provided by the Structure: /— O CH2OSO2NR6R7 (Formula II) wherein R, and R, be the same or different and are selected from any of hydrogenor C.a M. -y be the same or different and are selected from any of azido halogen, hydroxyl. R16, and Rn are methyl and is caibon); (2) (l R,2S,3S,4S)-(3,4-0-methylethylidene-l,2-0-sulfonyl-cyclohexan-l A3,4-tetraol-4-yl) methyl sulfemate, (i.e., where R12 and R13 are hydrogen, R14 and R,5 are methyl, R16 is oxygen and Rn is an electron pair and X2 is sulfur); and (3) (l R,2S,3S,4S)-(3,4-0- methylethylidene- l,2-0-sulfonyl-cyclohexan-U,3,4-tetraol-4-yl)methyl sulfamate, (i.e..

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If desired, tablets may be sugar coated or enteric coated by standard techniques.Carbamazepine (Tegretol) has been reported to be usefiil for the treatment of patients experiencing sudden confusion and depression. [0042] In one embodiment, Xi is oxygen and both R2 and R3 and R4 and R5 together are methylenedioxy groups of the formula wherein Re and R? Rie and Rn are the same or different and are selected from hydrogen or lower alkyl, whereas when X2 is sulfur one of R16 and Rn is oxygen and the other is a lone pair of electrons or both Rie and Rn are oxygen.