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Reply I just visited smoothie king here in Stockbridge GA Store number 1432 Just got the worst service ever.

The store employee was very rude as well as her coworker.

Her and Brad looked at the camera but never proceeded to file a report.

AS well as Kim’s sister who is not on payroll was behind the counter making smoothie 4th of July weekend.

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My friend and I attempted the drive thru at pm and was ignored and just sat there for a few minutes so then we drove off and sat in the parking lot for a few minutes and watched as a few other people tried to go through the drive thru to order items.

I just feel I was treated unfairly because I did what I was told. I was asked to train a new employee and she took as me bullying her.

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As well if it wasn’t for my cleaning and OCD problem the stores Sanitation score wouldn’t be a 99.5, it would still be a 95 or below. Wasn’t on their phone because there was a no phone policy for the front of house.

Most people get a warning or write up and I got neither.

A co worker left us on Friday and was talking on his phone, didn’t get fired, didn’t get written up.

I normally attend that store But I WILL NOT GO BACK….. When I got hired I received no training, therefore I had to train myself.

I recently got fired from Smoothie King, The owner is Brad Sorg and his manager is Kim Wiley. One would steal about 3-4 smart waters from the retail fridge. I trained myself on the POS system, I trained myself on rotating strawberries, I trained myself on cleaning the front of house.

” An employee said “we do but we start shutting everything down at ” I then asked to speak to a manager and was ignored once again so then I just left because my friend and I had initially arrived their before pm.